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Nearshore Software Development Services

Since 2000, EffectiveSoft has provided comprehensive software development solutions to various industries. With our new development center in Costa Rica, our partners can boost their team’s productivity while gaining the advantages of nearshore custom software development.

Nearshore Software Development

How nearshore software outsourcing can help your business

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Advantages of Nearshore Software Development

benefits of Nearshore Software Development

Why EffectiveSoft

EffectiveSoft is a trusted and dynamic software development company with extensive experience in the IT area. We have 20+ years of successful work and thousands of satisfied clients around the world. Our development center is located in Poland, the tech hub of Eastern Europe. We have recently opened a new office in Costa Rica to enable our partners in the Western Hemisphere to benefit from nearshore software development.


What we offer

Our expertise

  • Our UI/UX engineers create intuitive user interfaces. The designers at EffectiveSoft always keep up with the latest trends and the needs of end users. Our experts help increase user engagement in the product and translate new ideas into ready-to-use solutions.
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  • Our business analysts conduct a thorough analysis and help clients define solution requirements and specify key product features.
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  • App Development
    Our top-notch nearshore software developers can handle even the most complex projects. EffectiveSoft engineers have extensive experience in developing scalable solutions that are deployed on different operating systems.
  • Web development
    Our experts develop feature-rich and user-friendly web solutions adapted to mobile devices. We develop web portals, websites, applications, e-commerce platforms, and more.
  • If you have a product in mind that you want to implement in your business, our experts are ready to adapt the software to your specific business tasks and requirements. Our engineers will add the features you need or reconfigure the existing ones.
  • As a part of custom software development, IT integration services are designed to create a secure, reliable and efficient environment that improves all business operations. We can connect your product with any third-party solutions and services or synchronize different platforms while ensuring system integrity.
  • Testing and deployment
    Our QA team builds the entire testing cycle, performs software quality assessments, identifies bugs, and develops a process optimization strategy to ensure quality at every stage of the development lifecycle.
  • We continue to cooperate with our partners and offer software support services to ensure security and fast performance. When any problems are identified, the EffectiveSoft team determines the best way to resolve them.
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business analysis

How we work

At EffectiveSoft, we stay Agile, which implies constant interaction with the client. In the work process, we combine several methodologies, such as Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps, taking the best from each of them. Our main goal is maximum transparency, which leads us to the most valuable thing — the trust between us and our partners.

Every 2-4 weeks, we organize reviews to keep our clients up to date with the development process. Thus, our clients always know which stage their project is in and how the budget is allocated. This approach brings clarity and any issues are communicated in early stages, which helps to mitigate risks.

Dedicated & Expert Nearshore Software Developers

F.A.Q. about the IT nearshoring

  • Software development nearshore is a type of outsourcing between companies located in a close geographical proximity and in the same time zone (usually, the time difference is 0-2 hours). For example, when a US firm reaches out to a company in Latin America or Canada with a request to develop software, it is nearshoring.
  • The alternatives to nearshoring are offshoring and onshoring. Offshoring involves delegating tasks to a company far abroad. For example, when a US firm reaches out to a team that is based in Poland. Onshoring means delegating business tasks to a company located in the same country. Usually, these are lower-cost locations. For example, an organization in California would approach developers in Arkansas.
  • Although nearshoring software engineering development is a cost-effective practice, it is still more expensive than offshoring in the majority of cases. To minimize expenses, businesses turn to companies in more distant countries, for example, Poland. Lower labor costs, stable economy, and a highly educated workforce made this country the best destination for offshoring in Eastern Europe. These were the reasons why we first opened our development center in Gdańsk.
  • The cost of development always depends on several variables. The first one is the type of product. A custom-made product requires a lot of work, time, and therefore, money. Customization of a ready-made solution is cheaper, but redesigning low-quality software can take more time and effort than creating a well-built system from scratch. The second variable is the product requirements. The more complex the software and requirements, the higher the cost. The third variable is testing and quality assurance costs. Once the software is in place, it is essential to perform integrity checks and fix bugs. Testing is a vital step of the software development process and should be performed at all stages, from design to deployment, to deliver a secure, high-quality, and cost-effective product.
  • Entrusting a complex task to a stranger always carries risks, but delegating proactively stimulates growth. This is a boon for business in a dynamic market. To enjoy all the benefits of nearshoring, conduct a thorough analysis of the contracting company. Remember to check your future vendor’s reputation. In addition to the company’s official site, you can research their background and reliability on platforms such as Clutch and Glassdoor by reading client reviews. Shorten the list of candidates by evaluating their experience, size, skills, proficiency in the latest technology, and the presence of similar cases in their portfolio.


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