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EffectiveSoft harnesses the open-source nature and comprehensive capabilities of the Angular framework to empower front-end development and deliver substantial value to businesses. Equipped with versatile technical expertise, we provide Angular development services to build custom web, desktop, and mobile apps of varying complexity, ranging from robust single-page apps (SPAs) to scalable enterprise-level software. Unleash the potential of EffectiveSoft’s Angular solutions to create high-end products custom-designed for your specific business needs!

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  • Released by Google in 2016, Angular is a popular open-source framework built with TypeScript. This software development tool features front-end capabilities and is used to build custom web apps, websites, cross-platform mobile apps, visualization dashboards, UI animated components, and more.

  • The popularity of the Angular framework stems in large part from its rich functionality, including its component-based architecture, highly customizable application life cycle, built-in security features, and more. All these tools streamline code testing, maintenance, and reusability, greatly facilitating and accelerating the development process.

  • Brand giants, including Forbes, Nike, PayPal, and Google, have all successfully employed Angular solutions to create state-of-the-art software.

  • As an Angular development company, we know that the process of building Angular apps depends on many factors. They typically involve the project’s scope and complexity, the technology stack used, integrated features, etc. To get a time estimate for your Angular project, contact our experts now.

  • The cost of hiring Angular developers varies widely and is influenced by several factors, including project duration, developer location, the expertise of the personnel, and more. Looking to hire an Angular team for your upcoming development project? Contact us for pricing.


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