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At EffectiveSoft, we specialize in providing top-notch SaaS application development services. Our company of skilled IT professionals is dedicated to building SaaS solutions that deliver tangible results for your business. Whether you need a new SaaS application built from the ground up or have an existing application that needs to be enhanced, our SaaS developers are up to the task. We aim to make your business more efficient and effective with customized SAAS applications that meet your expectations.

saas application services

What we do

Our SaaS software development company uses state-of-the-art tools and technologies to deliver feature-rich, secure, and easy-to-use SaaS products. Here’s a detailed description of which software development services we provide:

  • Our SaaS software developers work with you to understand your business needs, goals, and objectives, and then develop a comprehensive plan to meet them. We consider your expectations and market trends throughout the process to deliver SaaS solutions that are a cut above the rest.
    saas implementation plan
  • To make our SaaS solutions a hit with your customers, our designers create intuitive and appealing user interfaces (UIs) that enhance the user experience. With our Agile development methodology, we make sure that your SaaS application development and testing are performed in a timely manner without compromising on quality.
    Our SaaS software developers work with you to understand your business needs, goals, and objectives, and then develop a comprehensive plan to meet them. We consider your expectations and market trends throughout the process to deliver SaaS solutions that are a cut above the rest.
  • We leverage cloud infrastructure to deliver the benefits of fast and easy scalability while keeping hardware infrastructure costs low. We also integrate various cloud services with your SaaS solution to ensure that your application is highly available, secure, and meets all compliance requirements.
    saas infrastructure and software delivery model
  • After your SaaS solution is developed and deployed, we provide maintenance and support services to ensure your application runs optimally. Our team monitors and resolves issues proactively or as they are reported. We actively participate in scaling your application to accommodate business growth.
    saas maintenance and support
  • To keep your business running smoothly, we offer end-to-end integration and migration services for existing software applications. Our SaaS app development team can also help you integrate key business software. We also provide migration services to move your applications from legacy systems to cloud platforms.
    saas application integration and migration services
saas implementation plan
Our SaaS software developers work with you to understand your business needs, goals, and objectives, and then develop a comprehensive plan to meet them. We consider your expectations and market trends throughout the process to deliver SaaS solutions that are a cut above the rest.
saas infrastructure and software delivery model
saas maintenance and support
saas application integration and migration services

We develop the following types of SaaS applications

Features of SaaS applications

Benefits of SaaS software

The following is a list of different ways modern SaaS technologies improve businesses.

Our SaaS development portfolio

  • Meal planning application

    Our client, a UAE startup, wanted to create a platform that would connect people willing to eat healthily (trainees), professional trainers, and kitchen partners. The client needed the solution that would comprise separate native applications for the trainer and trainee. Both applications would be available on iOS and Android and accompanied by a web administration part. EffectiveSoft was chosen to implement the idea of a health and fitness app.

    Our engineers and designers turned the client’s vision into a platform hosted on AWS. With our platform, trainers create meal plans from a variety of dishes offered by kitchen partners. Trainees subscribe for a weekly, monthly or individual meal plan and order healthy food, cooked and delivered according to their chosen schedule.

    Meal planning SaaS application
  • Billing and CRM platform
    Our client is a global provider of advanced therapeutic equipment and related software. Since software is offered on a subscription basis in 29 countries, the client needed billing and invoicing automation. Our team created a web portal that aggregates data from all the devices sold and placed in operation. The system filters collected logs and matches them with users and their devices. Thus, with information on the usage of devices displayed in a single place, the invoicing process is significantly facilitated.
    Billing and SaaS CRM platform
  • Commercial drone application
    Our client is an organization that provides aerial intelligence services to small businesses and enterprises. The company provides software and support for a drone program on a subscription basis. The company had a web version and an iOS application; they required an Android version which would be fully compatible with DJI drones and have a similar look to the iOS application. We created the drone flight application for Android which is part of a complex solution designed to deploy and scale drone programs. The distinctive features of the application are enhanced data privacy and security, integrated airspace maps, and advanced drone program management tool.
    commercial drone application
  • Our client offers its customers solutions for the management of libraries and archives. The client approached EffectiveSoft with a request to enhance their Library Management System by adding new features and modules. We significantly improved the LMS, which now represents an effective SaaS solution that manages multiple workflows in a library based on the roles of the end users. In addition, our SaaS app developers, in collaboration with computer linguists, created the Theasurus management module, which can be used within the LMS or separately.
    Library SaaS management system
Meal planning SaaS application
Billing and SaaS CRM platform
commercial drone application
Library SaaS management system

Pricing and plans

SaaS solutions (we offer) are based on the following pricing models:

The three main cloud computing service models: SaaS,PaaS and IaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the three main types of cloud computing:

SaaS is the most common and important of these three. Software as a service is a method of delivering software and applications over the Internet, usually through a subscription model.

This is a significant change from the traditional software models that existed before the advent of cloud computing. With those models, users managed, installed, and updated software on local servers or computers. With SaaS, one can simply set up a server for a cloud-based instance, and the software is ready for use in a couple of hours. In contrast to other models of computing services, SaaS is at the very top of the IT infrastructure and has the highest level of abstraction. This means that a cloud service provider will be in charge of delivery and maintenance of all other layers.

There are two methods to offer cloud SaaS solutions: single-tenant and multi-tenant. The difference is in how customers access the software. In a single-tenant environment, each customer has a unique instance of the software running on an infrastructure that is not shared with other users.

Benefits of single tenancy:

Potential disadvantages of single-tenancy:

Potential benefits of multi-tenancy:

Potential drawbacks of multitenancy:

How we work

EffectiveSoft believes that a cooperative, transparent development process is key to creating successful SaaS products. That’s why we use an agile approach to project management. We communicate and involve our clients at every project step. With Agile, we adapt to changing requirements faster to meet clients’ needs and exceed expectations. We break our development process into iterations or sprints. At the end of each sprint, we prioritize feedback, review our progress with the client, and adjust our next steps accordingly.

We value transparent communication with our clients and make sure everyone is on the same page at every development stage. We strive for open and honest collaboration, and we believe it’s the key to long-term client relationships.

Contact us to learn more about our process and how we can help make your SaaS vision a reality.

F.A.Q. about SaaS Development

  • SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a cloud-based model for delivering software over the Internet. Instead of installing software on local machines or servers, users have access to the software through a web browser or application. Our custom SaaS development is cost effective and provides businesses with the scalability, flexibility, and portability they need.
  • With us, security is taken seriously. Our SaaS apps are designed to provide maximum security for our customers' data. Our SaaS solutions are designed to maximize the security of our customers' data by employing multi-layered security procedures, including data encryption, network security, access management, and regular security auditing. We also maintain industry-standard security certifications such as SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.
  • Our SaaS solutions are backed by comprehensive support and maintenance services. Our support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and resolve any issues you may have. To ensure your solution is always up-to-date and secure, we provide regular software updates, bug fixes, and security patches.
  • Yes, our SaaS solutions are designed to provide our customers with the maximum level of flexibility and scalability. With no additional costs or fees, you can easily scale up or down your use of our solutions based on your current business needs.


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