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Legacy Application Modernization Services

To keep pace with the ever-evolving digital world and maintain the competitive edge, companies must align their strategies with the latest market trends. With more than 20 years of experience in software development, EffectiveSoft offers top-notch legacy application modernization services to enhance your software’s security and compliance, improve its functionality, and ensure it is scalable and agile. Future-proof your software with our application modernization solutions.

legacy software modernization

Application modernization services

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    Application modernization trends

    • Low-code and no-code development require minimal knowledge of coding. These development approaches can be used to modernize applications by adding new features while retaining the legacy codebase. This technology helps accelerate the modernization of legacy systems.

    • Cloud-native development

      A cloud-native approach provides companies with invaluable opportunities when seeking legacy application modernization solutions. Cloud technologies, including containerization and microservices, enhance software flexibility, scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency. Migrating legacy systems to the cloud makes them more resilient and easier to manage.

    • PWAs are designed to offer a quality user experience on any device that supports an internet browser. Turning a legacy system into a PWA helps businesses significantly reduce load times and data consumption while also improving performance, simplifying updates, and enhancing user experience.

    • Artificial intelligence (AI)

      The integration of AI and related technologies can significantly improve the performance of modernized legacy systems. These technologies help automate manual and repetitive tasks such as deployment and testing, enhance data analysis, optimize application performance, improve security, and provide personalization.

    • Edge computing enables the processing of data close to its source, thereby minimizing latency and bandwidth issues. For legacy systems, edge computing means real-time data processing, increased application responsiveness and productivity, minimized security risks, and reduced IT costs.

    Benefits of legacy application modernization

    F.A.Q. about legacy software modernization

    • A legacy application or system is software that is built on outdated technologies but is crucial to a company’s operations. As the business and technological landscapes evolve, legacy systems become insufficient, impeding company workflows and failing to meet current demands. Updating legacy systems enables them to continue serving their purpose effectively.

    • Today, numerous companies in various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and others, continue to rely on legacy systems created more than a decade ago. Modernizing these applications involves updating functionality, improving security and compliance, and designing an intuitive, user-friendly interface while retaining the foundation of the legacy system.

    • The modernization of legacy applications requires specific skills and knowledge. The primary challenges revolve around outdated tech stacks, managing legacy data throughout the transition process, and addressing software security issues. An additional challenge may arise from existing users of the application, who may be resistant to switching to an updated solution.

    • Legacy applications are built using outdated technologies. They are difficult to automate, scale, and integrate with other systems. Modern applications are developed using the latest technologies. They are engineered for scalability, increased integration potential, advanced features, and automation capabilities.

    • The choice depends on the results you want to achieve, the resources you are willing to allocate, and the risks you are prepared to take. For example, rebuilding and replacing involve higher risks and costs compared to rearchitecting, but typically yield superior outcomes. When assessing application modernization companies, choosing EffectiveSoft guarantees that your legacy software will be updated using the most appropriate approach, the most cutting-edge tools, and the highest level of expertise.


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