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Data Science Services

With advanced analytics, machine learning, and statistical modeling, data science enables businesses to unlock the immense value hidden within data. Ready to harness its power? Explore our expert data science services and leverage your data to make smart, data-driven decisions.

data science services

Our data science services

  • Do you have an idea in mind? With EffectiveSoft’s data science consulting services, you can receive expert guidance on how to leverage leading-edge technology to realize your creative vision.

    Data science consulting services
  • From data warehouses to complex AI-enabled systems, our data science team uses cutting-edge tools and practices to build and train sophisticated models to optimize your business outcomes.

    data science solution development
  • Ensuring models remain accurate, scalable, and relevant is essential in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. The modernization services we provide will help you stay competitive.

  • Data models require regular updates to reflect new data inputs and changes in real-world conditions. The EffectiveSoft team provides ongoing support to monitor performance and make necessary adjustments.

    data science solution support
Data science consulting services
data science solution development
data science solution support

Data-related services we offer

Data science life cycle

  1. Explore

    We identify the problem or question to be solved, dive into your business objectives, and define the scope of the project.

  2. Prepare

    We gather and explore data from various sources, assess its quality, and prepare it for analysis.

  3. Design

    We define your solution’s initial design, develop the user experience, and sketch out the product’s features.

  4. Model

    After selecting the appropriate algorithms, we build and train models, tuning and optimizing model parameters if required.

  5. Evaluate

    We test the model against unseen data, evaluate model performance, and make necessary improvements.

  6. Deliver

    We integrate the model into the existing production environment, ensuring the scalability and reliability of the model.

  7. Support

    We monitor the model’s performance, implement updates as data and requirements change, and address any issues or bugs that arise.

  8. Make smart, data-driven decisions!

“At EffectiveSoft, we believe that data science is the cornerstone of digital transformation. Our approach blends cutting-edge algorithms with deep industry knowledge, enabling us to deliver bespoke solutions that turn complex data into valuable insights, driving growth and efficiency for our clients.”

Siarhei Yaramionak

Lead Data Scientist, EffectiveSoft

Why choose EffectiveSoft

What about you?

We are thrilled to delve into your needs and customize our data science services to help your business effectively manage large amounts of data.

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    Industries we are transforming

    Our data science services are available for a range of industries, including but not limited to the sectors listed below.

    Our data science tech stack

    • Caffe
    • Mxnet
    • Torch
    • TensorFlow
    • SparkMLib
    • Theano
    • Keras
    • Gensim
    • spaCy
    • PowerBI
    • Seaborn
    • Tableau

    F.A.Q. about data science services

    • Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.

    • Utilizing data science significantly improves decision-making, trend analysis, operational efficiency, and marketing personalization, while also boosting revenue growth. It offers a practical approach to comprehending customer behavior and forecasting market trends. All these factors make data science an essential tool for modern businesses, enhancing supply chain management, streamlining customer acquisition, advancing product development, and refining content and marketing strategies.

    • Our data scientists can work with various types—be it structured or unstructured, numerical or categorical, discrete or continuous—and formats of data, including images, tables, charts, and text.

    • We adhere to strict data privacy and security measures. This includes encrypting data, using secure data storage and transmission methods, complying with legal regulations, and anonymizing sensitive information. We will also sign an NDA upon request.

    • Our data scientists skillfully handle extensive datasets by employing state-of-the-art data processing methods. They implement sophisticated techniques, such as distributed computing and big data segmentation, ensuring meticulous data cleaning and preparation. The team members utilize high-performance algorithms, maintain rigorous version control, comply with legal requirements, and regularly update their capabilities and technological tools to remain at the forefront of the field.

    • The timeline can vary widely depending on the complexity of the project, the size of the dataset, and the client’s goals. Data science projects can take from a few weeks to several months. To get a precise estimate, contact us.


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