Case Study: Healthcare Data Warehouse Integrated with Power BI
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Healthcare data warehouse integrated with Power BI

Centralized data storage solution for reporting, analysis, and data-driven decision making.

Healthcare data warehouse integrated with Power BI

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a leading U.S. provider of managed healthcare services. The company operates a growing network of healthcare facilities across the country. With the expansion of its activities, the number of diverse data sources and systems generating data increased while the level of trust in such data dropped. All this led to a new challenge — ensuring the quality of data, which was the base for business decisions.

    The company needed a unified automated solution that would:

    • Combine multiple data sources into an Azure cloud platform.
    • Ensure data consistency through its transformation into a common format.
    • Ensure continuous data load to the cloud storage.
    • Send missing data updates notifications to responsible officers. Provide powerful analytics and visualization tools to analyze data.

    Being experienced in BI software development, EffectiveSoft was chosen to develop such a solution.

    • Country

    • Domain

    • Solution

      Data warehouse
    • Services

      Data visualization
    • Technology

      Power BI, Azure, Python


    Our team created a reliable data warehouse combined with a powerful analytical and reporting tool as well as an error notification option.

    We decided to follow the Data warehouse concept that allowed us to resolve a major issue of distributed data collection, cleansing and normalization. Connecting the Data warehouse to Power BI offered advanced business intelligence and analytics capabilities.

    Our engineers designed and implemented a solution based on the Azure services and Power BI. The following Azure components were used:

    • Blob Storage for storing unstructured data
    • Event Grid for triggering a pipeline run
    • Logic App for scheduling and sending notifications
    • Key Vault for securely storing the API credentials
    • Data Factory for data pipeline orchestrating
    • SQL Database for storing structured data
    • Analysis Services for creating OLAP-cubes
    • Active Directory for managing access to internal and external resources
    • Power BI for reporting and visualization


    The reliable data warehouse created by our team improves the quality of services, helps our client hold strong market positioning, and increases revenues while significantly reducing expenses. Our solution stands out due to:

    Data integrity

    • Automatization of loading files from different source
    • Data cleansing and standardization
    • Master Data Management
    • DataMarts and OLAP-cubes building

    Data loss prevention

    • Alerting system

    Role-based access control

    • Data
    • Report
    • Groups of reports

    Data insights

    • Reports generation using Power BI
    • Metrics dashboards

    Tech stack

      • Azure Event Grid
      • Azure Data Factory
      • Azure SQL Database
      • Azure Logic Apps
      • Azure Analysis Services
      • Power BI
      • Microsoft SQL Server
      • Python

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