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eLearning Software Development

Through our custom eLearning software development, we empower educational institutions to make education more accessible to global learners of all ages. The eLearning solutions we build deliver engaging learning experiences and are compliant with stringent eLearning standards, including LTI, SCORM, and xAPI.

E-learning software development

Our eLearning software development services

  • We understand that initiating eLearning application development can be daunting for educational providers. This understanding prompts us to offer comprehensive consulting services, through which we guide educational companies along their eLearning software development journey. We help them identify which features to include in their eLearning apps, select the right tech stack, and create detailed development roadmaps.

  • Our expert developers navigate emerging e-learning technology trends, utilizing only the most suitable tools, technologies, and cloud-based services throughout the development process. This approach enables us to build full-featured custom eLearning apps of any type and complexity, delivering lightning-fast performance and streamlining learning experiences.

  • Quality assurance and testing

    With our quality assurance (QA) and testing services, we ensure the high quality and reliability of our clients’ educational software. By conducting various types of testing, we guarantee that their eLearning platforms effectively manage both complex workloads and growing volumes of student data, performing flawlessly even under the most rigorous conditions.

    Quality assurance and testing
  • As a leading eLearning software development company, EffectiveSoft provides post-launch maintenance and continuous support for its clients’ eLearning solutions. We diligently monitor the eLearning software we craft for optimal performance, addressing any emerging issues, and providing timely updates. This dedication to quality, service, and performance ensures the flawless operation of our clients’ educational solutions, delivering value to learning workflows.

    Maintenance and support
  • Using legacy eLearning software can result in unexpected issues, disrupting learning experiences and causing substantial financial losses. We provide full-cycle modernization services to completely revamp our clients’ existing eLearning solutions. Whether you need to migrate an educational app to the cloud or upgrade legacy software components with advanced functionalities, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

  • With their profound expertise in multiple open-source eLearning platforms, including Moodle and Chamilo, our specialists can customize and adapt the built-in functionality and user interfaces of these solutions to our clients’ specific requirements. Through customization, educational organizations can benefit from personalized software while minimizing initial investment and reducing time to market.

    Customization of open-source e-learning platforms
Quality assurance and testing
Maintenance and support
Customization of open-source e-learning platforms

Benefits of eLearning software development

“The COVID-19 pandemic has radically reshaped our lives, altering how we communicate, work, and, most importantly, study. In the blink of an eye, eLearning has become one of the most rapidly growing industries in the global economy. Over time, satisfying the ever-changing demands of international learners has evolved into a tangible, unrelenting challenge, and numerous educational companies simply don’t have the right tools to effectively confront it. With our custom eLearning development and modernization services, fueled by the use of ingenious technologies, we help educational providers win the hearts and minds of global learners, skyrocketing their success.”

Sergey Sivchenko

Group Manager in JavaScript Department

We build various types of first-class learning software

Our eLearning technology trends

  1. Gamification

    We recognize that games can engage learners, foster competition, and spark curiosity. This understanding prompts us to integrate various gamification elements into the eLearning software we develop. Among these elements are badges, performance charts, scoreboards, points, in-game currency, and more. This enables educators to deliver their eLearning materials more effectively while learners enhance their understanding and retention of new information.
  2. VR and AR

    Ever-evolving market and student demands have emphasized the need to develop brand-new user experiences and facilitate student collaboration across geographical boundaries. This is where virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have proven their efficacy. We are proficient at incorporating VR and AR into eLearning software development, enabling immersive gamification, scenario-based learning, employee onboarding, on-the-job training, hard and soft skills training, and more.
  3. AI and ML

    As an e-learning app development company, EffectiveSoft harnesses the power of AI and machine learning (ML) to enhance educational systems and provide students with personalized learning flows based on their preferences. AI- and ML-driven eLearning solutions can recommend educational resources such as virtual assistants, offer counseling services, adapt learning materials to facilitate comprehension, improve the quality of these materials, and assess the results.

What about you?

Ready to take your eLearning solution to the next level? Let our expert team of developers create a custom solution tailored to your needs.

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    Why choose EffectiveSoft?

    Our eLearning software development tech stack

    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSQL
    • Cassandra
    • Hive
    • Apache HBase
    • NiFi
    • Amazon Simple Storage Service
      Amazon Simple Storage Service
    • Amazon Redshift
    • Amazon DynamoDB
    • Amazon DocumentDB
    • Amazon RDS
    • AWS Elasticache
    • Azure SQL Database
    • Azure Data Lake
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Azure Cosmos DB
    • Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Azure Kinect DK
    • Azure RTOS
    • SharePoint
    • Dynamics 365
    • Office 365
    • Odoo
    • Salesforce
    • Joomla
    • Drupal
    • Pimcore
    • Moodle
    • Amazon SageMaker
    • TensorFlow
    • Azure Machine Learning

    F.A.Q. about eLearning software development

    • In essence, eLearning software development is the process of creating software solutions that facilitate education and learning.

    • A typical eLearning development process includes five essential steps: planning, design, educational content development, review, and launch and evaluation.

    • Although these two concepts are closely related, they have distinct meanings. E-learning is an educational approach that involves self-paced learning, using pre-recorded content available 24/7. Online learning is a narrower approach focused on real-time interaction between students and instructors.


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