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Business Analysis Services

EffectiveSoft provides full-cycle business analysis services, helping companies of all sizes align their business requirements and IT capabilities to satisfy customer demands and enhance the software development process. Our certified business analysts (BAs) adeptly manage all aspects of our clients’ projects, reducing costs and expediting development.

business analysis consulting services

Our business analysis services

  • We elicit and analyze requirements essential for achieving business objectives. To accomplish this, we review existing documentation, interview stakeholders, identify their needs, and monitor business processes. We then prioritize the gathered information and consolidate it into a clear and concise business requirement document (BRD), ensuring that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of the project.

  • Our team of professional BAs participates in creating a detailed system requirement specification (SRS). This technical document clarifies the primary purpose, limitations, functional and non-functional requirements, features, and design of the final solution, serving as a single source of truth for both development teams and stakeholders.

  • Our business analysis services include prototype creation based on the requirements specified in the BRD and SRS. As stakeholders interact with the prototype, we collect their feedback and refine the prototype accordingly. Our BAs iterate and make the necessary adjustments to the mock-up until all changes are fully addressed, giving stakeholders a clear, unified vision of the product.

  • EffectiveSoft’s professional BAs accurately document requirement updates, changes, and improvements made to the prototype. Once all the documentation has been meticulously managed, we provide our clients with the final resource, time, and cost estimates necessary for successful project completion.

“Regardless of size, scope, or domain, any business can guarantee the success of its IT project. This is made possible through leveraging business analysis consulting services from industry leaders, such as EffectiveSoft. In addition to exceptional critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, our BAs are well-versed in proven business analysis techniques, best practices, and potent tools. Capitalizing on our profound business and technical acumen, companies can ensure that every aspect of their project is managed efficiently, from inception to implementation.”

Evgeni Golovnev

Head of BA Department

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    Our business analysis process

    1. Discovery phase

      We begin with the discovery phase, meticulously gathering information regarding the product. This information includes the product’s purpose, functional and non-functional requirements, and potential value for the business and its customers. In this stage, our clients also provide us with important documentation, highlighting and clarifying the underlying idea of the product, including design, visuals, functionality, and more.

    2. Initial analysis and ballpark estimates

      We then thoroughly analyze the received information, maintaining regular communication to gain a deep understanding of the product. During this phase, we recommend improvements and additional features, determine the approach and technologies for efficient product development, and prepare ballpark estimates, including team size, project duration, and cost.

    3. Prototype creation

      In this phase, we use the product requirements defined in previous steps to create a clickable prototype, enabling our clients to experience the look and feel of the final solution. The prototype demonstrates the structure of the solution, its primary features, workflow, and possible user interactions. Through prototyping, we ensure the end product perfectly aligns with user expectations and demands.

    4. Documentation

      Once the prototype fully reflects our client’s vision, we create a complete set of documents to ensure the product’s features are described correctly. In these documents, we provide a clear definition of all requirements, describe the scope of work, provide ready-made answers to potential issues, and refer to quality benchmarks that must be applied.

    5. Cost and workload estimates

      In the final stage, we help our clients prioritize requirements, define approximate milestones and iterations along with their timelines, and describe the infrastructure management plan and the resources required for product development. We then provide final estimates regarding the necessary workload and cost.

    Why choose EffectiveSoft?

    Our business analysis tools

    Our highly skilled BAs demonstrate extensive expertise in the latest tools and versatile techniques, such as brainstorming and use case modeling, to optimize processes and enhance workflows.

    • Visio
    • Lucidchart
    • BPMN
    • UML
    • Jira
    • Trello
    • Confluence
    • Slack
    • Zoom
    • Teams
    • Google Workspace
    • SharePoint

    F.A.Q. about business analysis

    • Business analysis is a critical pillar of a project’s success, so involving BAs in the process is beneficial in multiple ways. BAs elicit, analyze, and document business requirements, translating them into easily comprehensible information that development teams can understand and leverage. They also communicate the developers’ needs to business stakeholders, ensuring a unified vision of the development process. Through thorough analysis, testing, and QA, BAs identify opportunities and mitigate potential challenges, verifying that the end product meets both business objectives and technical specifications.

    • From the perspective of business analysis, the pre-development discovery phase is essential for several reasons. It helps identify the needs and expectations of businesses, developers, and end users; anticipate potential issues; and estimate the resources, such as time, budget, manpower, and technology, required for successful project completion. During this phase, BAs can also gain a deep understanding of market demands and uncover unique value propositions that the software can offer to users.

    • By capitalizing on business analysis, companies can reduce project costs, conserve resources, and improve the overall efficiency of the development process. Additionally, business analysis can guide enhanced decision-making and minimize development risks, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

    • EffectiveSoft is a leading business analysis company trusted by hundreds of businesses worldwide. Hiring us as your business analysis partner gives you access to our significant business and technical acumen, along with our finely honed analytical and problem-solving skills. This expertise will enable us to effectively validate your business requirements, streamline communication between you and your development team, ensure prudent budget allocation, and more. To learn more about how we can benefit your business, contact us now.

    • The cost of our business analysis services varies widely and depends on several essential factors, such as project scope, complexity, duration, and the resources involved. To receive an exact quote for our business analysis consulting services, contact us directly for a detailed price estimate for your project.


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