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Capture new business opportunities with Android solutions from EffectiveSoft! We employ highly skilled professionals who know how to design mobile applications and understand the latest trends in mobile technologies. Our experienced Android app developers create solutions for all types of Android-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearables and TVs.

Our comprehensive custom Android app development services include seamless integration with existing solutions and deployment on the Google Play store. As one of the leaders in the US application development market and a renowned offshore Android development company, we strive to provide you with first-class services, tailored to your individual requirements. You will get tangible business value with Android apps from EffectiveSoft!

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Our Android development offering — your key to success

At EffectiveSoft, we provide a full range of advanced Android app development services based on modern development frameworks and emerging trends. With our process-driven approach, we guide you on every step of the way from concept to a high-quality Android app that meets your business goals. Our services are focused on delivering an Android solution that:

  • Meets your business needs
  • Provides a quality user experience
  • Complies with current security and reliability standards
    Allows instant updates
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

These are our comprehensive Android development offerings:

Android development services

Android solutions we develop

We create unique, user-friendly and market-competitive solutions for various industry verticals.

  • We develop feature-rich geo-location and tracking applications that integrate with external services such as Google Maps and are compatible with various devices such as GPS drones, IoT devices and wearables. Our applications provide real-time tracking, geofencing, route optimization, advanced analytics for location sharing, fleet management, and asset tracking in both online and offline environments.
  • We develop robust e-commerce applications for businesses ranging from start-ups and small personal brands to global enterprises and major retailers. Our solutions not only drive sales and increase revenue, but also build customer loyalty and brand awareness. They include single brand storefronts, virtual marketplaces, B2B and B2C platforms with seamless payment gateways, inventory management, customer support capabilities, and more.
    ecommerce android app
  • We offer highly reliable Android communication applications such as business and personal mobile messengers with end-to-end encryption, group chat, file sharing and video conferencing. Our portfolio also includes speech-to-text applications for accessibility, call management applications with advanced scheduling and routing, address books with intelligent organization features, and collaboration platforms that streamline teamwork and project management.
    android communication apps
  • Wearable device applications
    Our expertise extends to Android app development for a wide range of wearable devices, including smartwatches, wristbands, and fitness trackers. We create custom apps such as messengers, multimedia players, navigation tools and games tailored to the form factors and capabilities of these wearable devices. We also develop complementary apps for smartphones and tablets that can collect, visualize and analyze data from wearables.
    wearable app android
  • Sports and fitness applications
    We create comprehensive sports and fitness applications for enthusiasts, beginners and professional athletes. Our solutions include workout tracking with detailed analytics, personalized training plans, interactive diet and nutrition guidance, access to certified personal trainers, sports news, live scores and updates, gym management tools and membership plans. We ensure our apps are compatible with popular fitness wearables for seamless integration and real-time insights.
    Sports and fitness app android
  • We develop versatile food and beverage applications to meet the diverse needs of restaurants, cafés and home chefs. Our solutions include online ordering and delivery apps with real-time tracking, reservation platforms with reviews and ratings, immersive menus for digital restaurants, recipe curation and sharing.
    food ordering android app
  • Our social networking services expertise spans the full spectrum of custom social media networking applications. We focus on creating feature-rich platforms with profile creation, in-app communication tools, event coordination and relationship building activities. Our approach is data-driven and we deliver a personalized user experience that strengthens community engagement and fosters connections.
    android social media apps
  • We develop interactive and engaging educational apps for students, teachers and educational institutions. Our solutions include e-learning platforms, learning management systems, gamified learning experiences, language learning apps, tutorial platforms and virtual classrooms with video conferencing, whiteboarding and collaboration tools. We also integrate our apps with leading education platforms and services to provide a seamless learning experience.
  • Healthcare applications
    We create healthcare applications that transform the way patients and healthcare providers interact, focusing on telehealth solutions, personal health tracking, medication management, appointment scheduling and remote diagnostics. Our apps comply with privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA, while providing seamless patient-provider communications and improved efficiency.
    medical apps android
  • Trading applications
    Our expert developers build fully customized trading applications for stock trading, cryptocurrency trading, forex trading, futures and options trading, etc. We also specialize in building algorithmic trading solutions and automated trading bots. Our trading apps are secure, reliable, connected, and scalable. We do care about implementing the latest security and encryption standards, ensuring high availability and uptime, while creating a UI and UX that matches your brand, integrating with all major exchanges and brokerages, and providing scalable solutions that can grow with your business needs.
    android trading app
ecommerce android app
android communication apps
wearable app android
Sports and fitness app android
food ordering android app
android social media apps
medical apps android
android trading app

Industries we serve

Major Industries from Android Mobile Application Development

Our development process

android app development process

Discover how we bring your mobile app ideas to life

Why EffectiveSoft

EffectiveSoft excels at delivering cutting-edge mobile digital solutions with full-cycle mobile application development services for businesses of all types. With us, you will be able to enhance your mobile products with extensive technical expertise and a comprehensive range of mobile services to quickly conceive, develop and deliver them to the intended environment or app store.

Regardless of the size of your organization, you can be assured of enterprise-level quality. Gain immediate access to a wealth of technical knowledge, best practices and other benefits by working with Android app developers who have been in the industry for years.

We also offer professional guidance and accelerated implementation to improve product strategies and streamline development. With deep web and mobile development expertise and a multidomain focus, EffectiveSoft delivers solutions designed specifically for your target audience.

By choosing EffectiveSoft’s mobile application development services, you’ll not only ensure access to top talent and cutting-edge technology, but also a faster time-to-market for your mobile applications. Choose EffectiveSoft as your mobile application development partner and take your mobile digital products to a whole new level.

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Our portfolio

  • Social networking application
    We created iOS and Android native apps for WeShop — a social network, whose users exchange experience with the products they like (or plan to purchase) and follow other members of the community to find out what they recommend. App users can easily share photos and videos of goods of interest from their devices or import content from Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo. If they want to buy any items they like, they are automatically redirected to the WeShop’s online shopping platform. The application is based on a modular architecture approach that enables replacing or adding any module without affecting the rest of the system. 
    android social networking app
  • Carpooling application

    The team at EffectiveSoft created a solution that combines a cross-platform app for drivers and riders and a web-based administrator component. The app organizes people in carpool groups in the most optimal way, eliminating delays and enabling smooth communication between participants. Our solution uses Google Maps to display the route and coordinate drivers and passengers.

    On the route, the waiting time for the driver and passengers is minimized: the app calculates the pick-up times and the expected arrival time. A real-time chat facilitates communication between the app users and keeps them updated; carpoolers also receive push notifications of pick-up times, drop-off times, or routes.

  • Improved quality of video and audio conferencing

    We developed several solutions that improved multi-user video and audio conferencing. To optimize the usage of device processing resources, we performed hardware acceleration, i.e., delegated encoding/decoding functions to the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) instead of the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

    We also updated the platform to the latest WebRTC version to ensure high audio streaming quality. This migration improved echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic microphone sensitivity adjustment.

    In addition, our engineers integrated client-side audio mixing for one-on-one conferencing to reduce the load on the server and thereby improve the performance of the platform.

  • Advanced mobile trading platform

    Our engineers developed the mobile trading platform that allows the trading of stocks, crypto, futures, ETFs, and Forex pairs listed on global and crypto exchanges. The solution comprises iOS and Android apps, a back end, and an admin panel.

    The buy and sell orders can be executed manually or automatically based on the predefined rules. Users can also transfer traditional and crypto assets into a wallet in the app, as well as withdraw them or send them to other wallets. Profits and losses from all of the user's transactions are recorded in crypto equivalents and credited to the user's balance.

  • Live trading application

    We developed a Windows-based trading platform and a first-to-market live trading application for iPhone and Android mobile devices that significantly improved clients' trading experience.

    The trading application enables clients to monitor the changes in the volatile financial markets and perform various actions in their personal accounts such as checking market movements, monitoring market trends, using trade tickets, and opening and closing positions. Above all, the solution is remarkable for its high speed, excellent performance, and uninterrupted operation.

    City Index trading app
  • Meal planning application

    Our client, a UAE startup, wanted to create a platform that would connect people willing to eat healthily (trainees), professional trainers, and kitchen partners. The client needed a solution that would comprise separate native applications for the trainer and trainee. Both applications had to be available on iOS and Android and accompanied by a web administration component. EffectiveSoft was chosen to implement the idea for this health and fitness app.

    Our engineers and designers turned the client’s vision into a platform hosted on AWS. Using our platform, trainers create meal plans from a variety of dishes offered by kitchen partners. Trainees take out subscriptions for weekly, monthly or individual meal plans and order healthy food, cooked and delivered according to their chosen schedule.

    meal planning app
  • Bone Ninja is a mobile application for iPads designed as a teaching tool for young orthopedic surgeons. The app was developed under supervision of two experts specializing in limb deformity correction. Bone Ninja comes with preset radiographs of normal and deformed legs. Users may analyze the sample cases or upload their own radiographs. Once the analysis is complete, they can use the cut-out tool to try different osteotomy solutions. Suggested solutions for the sample cases are available for comparison.

    Bone Ninja has many options for editing radiographs graphically. For example, users can draw lines, measure angles and lengths and calibrate the magnification. Using the cutting tool, they can manipulate one or more fragments to simulate the correction of single- or multilevel deformities.

    Teaching application for orthopedic surgeons
  • Our client created a web platform for athletes and trainers to track and monitor their physical activitity daily.

    As an enhancement of the existing solution enabling daily interaction between athletes and their trainers, we created 2 native apps integrated with the Garmin connect and Strava activity trackers. The API we built was adapted for mobile devices using the Backend for Frontend (BFF) approach.

    The UI/UX design of the mobile apps maintained the same look and feel as the design used for web solution. The apps are synchronized with the web platform for smooth data updates and push notifications delivery.

    Using the apps, trainers create personalized workout plans. The trainees have all the important statistics and analytics on cycling, running, and other sporting activities at hand.

android social networking app
City Index trading app
meal planning app
Teaching application for orthopedic surgeons

F.A.Q. about Android app development

  • Our expert Android developers have the experience to create a range of bespoke solutions to meet your specific business needs. Whether you need an innovative app for internal use, a consumer e-commerce solution or a multi-platform gaming application, we have the skills and ideas to turn your vision into a high quality Android product.

  • It depends on the complexity, features and integrations of your future software. Simple apps requiring basic functionality can be completed in approximately 2-3 months. However, complex solutions with intricate features, integrations with cloud services and SDKs can take 6-12 months of careful planning and development. We'll provide targeted timelines for each phase and keep you informed at every project phase.

  • Yes, we manage the entire app lifecycle - from quality testing and optimization for the Play Store to support for ongoing maintenance releases. We ensure that your app meets all Google requirements before it is published to maximize its success on the platform.

  • Security is our top priority when building and managing customized Android solutions. We implement industry best practices such as the latest encryption technologies, perform thorough security testing, and identify vulnerabilities to remediate prior to release. Our team also provides ongoing security updates and monitoring to keep your app and data safe.


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