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With 20+ years of IT experience, 1,500+ projects in different industries, and 300+ highly skilled specialists and developers, the EffectiveSoft team provides IT staff augmentation services and is ready to cover hard-to-fill positions for your project. Our company’s mission is to meet the needs of our clients by combining our expertise, industry best practices, and advanced technologies to enhance your team with our talents.

it staff augmentation services

Staff augmentation vs dedicated teams

Key benefits of IT staff augmentation

IT staff augmentation services

The process of creating augmented teams

process of creating augmented teams

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FAQ about IT staff augmentation

  • IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that involves hiring temporary personnel provided by third-party vendors and firms. This allows businesses to enhance their teams with extra talent to achieve particular goals, meet deadlines, and deliver valuable products.

  • Expanding the IT team can be useful when: you need to reinforce your team with additional experts; your business needs are changing and require modernization; it’s necessary to engage developers with specific skills for your project; you don’t have enough time for the recruitment process; other outsourcing models do not suit you, as you already have your team but need to engage temporary specialists.

  • Outsourcing staff is a common practice not only for the IT sector. On the whole, there are three main ways to implement this outsourcing model:

    Commodity-based. This type involves outsourcing staff on a temporary basis to complete a particular task or a project.

    Skill-based. Outsourcing individuals with specific skills or knowledge for a project or to implement a task that requires these skills.

    Highly skilled. Specialists with extended expertise in a particular subject can perform tasks that are necessary for achieving project success. This is the most common model in the IT industry.

  • Growing a team via outsourcing can be a challenging process, but it can bring value and offer profitable collaboration, provided the following principles are observed:

    Clear work process. It’s important to identify roles and manage the processes openly so that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and able to perform effectively.

    Management tools. Projects are easily managed with the help of special tools that allow team members to follow the process, take on tasks, and track progress.

    Transparent communication. Constant open interaction between outsourced staff and in-house employees is important for productivity and goal achievement.

  • There are three main outsourcing models that can help companies strengthen their teams and deliver effective solutions.

    Staff augmentation. External experts fill in certain positions and work in collaboration with an in-house team.

    Dedicated team. A team of experts that is managed by a vendor's project manager and works independently to complete a particular project task.

    Project-based outsourcing. A full project outsourcing model. In IT, a service provider takes over the whole process to develop a solution.


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