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Data Analytics Services and Solutions

EffectiveSoft provides a variety of data analytics solutions that enable companies to obtain additional value from data by uncovering hidden insights and provide an opportunity to make data-driven decisions. We equip our clients with a full range of services from data processing and visualization to machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics. As an experienced data analytics company, we find the best solutions for goals of any complexity.

Data Analytics Services and Solutions

Data analytics services we offer

Data analytics services

Data and analytics solutions

Building a data analytics team for different industries

We offer data analytics services that fit the unique needs of any industry.

  • Healthcare
    The healthcare industry generates huge amounts of heterogeneous data; however, converting this data into insights for improving patient outcomes and work efficiency is challenging. Healthcare data analytics is designed to overcome the barriers to the widespread adoption of data-driven intelligence. Some of the use cases are care plan optimization, early disease detection, the personalization of care, and new drug discovery.
  • FinTech
    Financial data analytics refers to an in-depth analysis of a company's financial data to gain a critical understanding of its financial condition. It allows companies to take the necessary measures to improve productivity. Our experts can boost your financial data analytics by applying multiple technologies which turn raw data into meaningful business insights. FinTech data analytics allow revenue monitoring, budget planning, risk forecasting, the identification of trends, and more.
  • Logistics and Transportation
    In logistics, data analytics increases the clarity of operations and provides better connectivity between networks in the supply chain. Our data department can help companies move towards data-driven logistics by providing tools for the optimization of complex processes, including predictive analytics, demand forecasting, capacity planning, order processing, route planning, and others.
  • The amount of data that the media and entertainment industry generate daily is staggering. Today, businesses can monitor devices’ clicks, views, engagement, shares, and customer churn. All this data is vital for optimizing media stream scheduling, content monetization, effective ad targeting, and more.
  • Data analytics enables manufacturing companies to improve productivity and profitability by utilizing the vast amounts of data generated by their equipment. With intuitive visualization tools, dashboards, ML algorithms, and advanced analytics, decision makers can turn data into powerful knowledge.
  • In the gaming industry, data analytics is used to promote the gaming experience, improve user experience, increase playtime and engagement, and ensure fair play and fraud detection.
  • In human resources management, data analytics is often used to help professionals to make more informed decisions about the future of their employees. EffectiveSoft provides data analytics tools that can improve nearly every area of human capital management. These tools can be applied in recruitment, employee training, talent retention, KPI monitoring, and more.
    Data analytics and HR
Data analytics and HR

Data tech stack

data tech stack

F.A.Q. for data analytics

  • You need to start by analyzing the needs of your business and the requirements of the future system. Our business analysts team will be happy to assist you with this.

  • It depends on the project. However, our best practice is to start with collecting business requirements and then we carry out an investigation. After that comes the first MVP and project extension.

  • We can audit the current solution and point out its strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to propose a plan to improve the architecture, and then we finalize your data analysis system.

  • Data analytics pricing is entirely based on your requirements and the tools needed to meet them. It also depends on the amount, nature, and quality of your data. Please contact us for a free project estimation.

  • It always depends on the wishes of the customer and the ambitiousness of the project. The chosen architecture of the solution, the technologies, and tools used can also influence this.


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