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Grow your digital presence with our outstanding fintech application development services! Commitment, in-depth domain expertise, and collaborative spirit enable EffectiveSoft’s top-notch engineers to deliver next-generation software.

Whether you want to modernize your existing app or create a new one, our team will harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to help you overcome obstacles in the financial industry, boost business growth, increase revenue, and inspire customer loyalty.

Financial app development

Our fintech app development services

  • Mobile banking apps offer users convenient and efficient ways to manage their bank accounts directly from their smartphones. Aiming for wide accessibility, our financial application developers create both native and cross-platform solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs in the banking sector. Our mobile apps also provide a whole array of features that enhance the overall user experience with robust security and 24/7 customer support. They include funds transfer, instant payments, ATM locator, QR code payments, real-time notifications, smart chatbots, and more.

    Mobile banking apps
  • Digital wallets, also known as e-wallets, streamline online transactions by eliminating the repetitive process of entering card details. They also negate the need to carry physical cards for offline purchases. Additionally, their enhanced security features make them challenging to steal, offering a significantly safer alternative to traditional payment methods.

    Companies can easily feel overwhelmed evaluating the vast variety of digital wallets available, especially such giants as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and GooglePay. Fear not! EffectiveSoft’s fintech application development team is well-equipped to build a top-tier e-wallet solution for you. We prioritize maximum security for personal and financial information and comply with the financial industry’s rigorous regulations.

    digital wallets
  • The digital revolution in trading has enabled anyone to buy and sell stock, currencies, and other financial instruments at any time using just their mobile devices. This paradigm shift in the financial industry has elevated trading apps into an integral part of business.

    In our finance software development company, we implement various types of trading apps, including trading bots to reduce emotional decision-making and take advantage of market opportunities around the clock; full-scale trading platforms to execute and manage a wide range of financial trades and other operations; and integration brokerage software to facilitate and streamline data exchange between systems.

    stock trading apps
  • Payment gateways

    Payment gateways offer a convenient, fast, smooth, and secure way to handle transactions. They help e-commerce and online businesses streamline online payment operations, expand their market reach, and gain customer loyalty while adhering to various financial regulations and standards. Additionally, modern payment gateways have safe built-in tools to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

    As a part of our custom fintech application development services, we create such systems. Our fintech app developers can build you a dynamic payment gateway that offers a hassle-free experience, lightning-fast performance, and ultimate security. Furthermore, our top-level engineers are skilled in integrating ready-made APIs into your fintech solution to improve the user experience.

    Payment gateways
  • Point-of-sale systems

    Our point-of-sales (POS) systems automate the sales process, making both in-store and online transactions remarkably fast and efficient. Whether for a restaurant, a store, or any other business, EffectiveSoft excels in crafting state-of-the-art POS solutions. Our solutions are meticulously engineered and provide a broad spectrum of functionalities essential for optimizing your organization’s operations.
    We specialize in developing holistic systems, equipped with advanced tools for inventory management, sales analytics, staff management, and more. With our commitment to excellence, we will ensure the POS system integrates flawlessly into your existing CRM, ERP, and e-commerce platforms. This integration fosters total transparency in retail operations, enhanced customer experience, and real-time sales data exchange.

    point of sales systems
  • On a quest to optimize and automate financial processes, mitigate administrative burdens, enhance accuracy, save time, and gain real-time financial insights, enterprises embrace accounting management solutions.

    Should you decide to embark on that quest, look no further! In our financial app development company, we can transform your idea into a tangible solution.

    Our top-tier engineers stand ready to build you a reliable financial app, design a simple and intuitive interface, ensure seamless integration with third-party apps, and provide robust data protection. Ultimately, we will develop a comprehensive solution to help you comply with tax and regulatory requirements, increase efficiency, and improve your business’s overall financial health.

    accounting management
  • Open banking has drastically changed the financial industry, enhancing the overall digital banking experience. These platforms grant authorized third-party financial organizations secure and controlled access to customers’ financial information, including bank account data and transaction history, through standardized APIs.
    Ready to innovate and secure your position as an industry leader? Our proficient developers are adept at crafting open banking solutions that not only delight your customers but also adhere to regulatory standards.

  • With a variety of features for facilitating informed financial decisions, wealth management systems are a crucial tool for individuals and businesses seeking to effectively manage and expand their financial assets.

    EffectiveSoft’s expertise can help you harness these systems’ power! Our fintech app development team is eager to deploy their exceptional technical skills to steer you into the future of wealth management.

  • An investment management system is an invaluable tool that facilitates navigating the intricacies of portfolio administration, asset allocation, risk evaluation, performance monitoring, and reporting.

    You can optimize your investment strategy with our comprehensive financial application development services! Blending our deep technical expertise and client-centric approach with our clients’ requirements, we have created award-winning solutions for effective portfolio management.

  • Crowdfunding is an efficient way to raise funds, bypassing conventional approaches, like bank loans and venture capital. What’s more, crowdfunding platforms’ global reach makes them a powerful marketing tool. They enable project creators to connect with potential backers from across the globe, receive feedback before launch, and validate market demand.

    Join our growing list of satisfied clients who have successfully launched crowdfunding campaigns! From ideation to release and beyond, our dedicated team can develop a compelling solution that resonates with your audience and empowers your fundraising goals.

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending allows individuals to obtain loans directly from other individuals, eliminating the necessity of having a traditional financial institution as an intermediary. P2P platforms are popular because of their appealing advantages, including competitive interest rates, easy access to loans, and high returns.

    If you are considering launching your own P2P lending platform, our fintech software developers are there for you! Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, our engineers can build intelligent, easy-to-use, and reliable P2P lending software customizable to your unique requirements.

  • An increasing number of insurance companies are offering their clients improved user experiences through custom software, unique digital services, and real-time support. Purpose-built solutions help companies reduce operational costs, gain valuable insights into their target audiences, and boost revenue.

    At EffectiveSoft, we possess extensive expertise in creating and implementing versatile insurance apps that enable seamless business-to-consumer interactions, automate tasks, and drive sales growth. Additionally, our developers prioritize security and diligently adhere to industry standards.

Mobile banking apps
digital wallets
stock trading apps
Payment gateways
point of sales systems
accounting management

Fintech app development trends we use

“The financial industry deals with highly sensitive financial data, and so, robust security measures are non-negotiable. Equally crucial is the quality and reliability of the fintech software. It must perform consistently under varying conditions, ensuring uninterrupted service to users. Crafting cutting-edge apps for financial entities is about understanding and adhering to these essentials. In fintech app development, we blend security, quality, and efficiency to create solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Let’s shape the future of financial technology together!”

Evgeni Golovnev

Head of Business Analysis

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We are thrilled to delve deeper into your needs and understand your specific requirements to unlock the full potential of financial mobile app development services for your business.

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    How we work

    You deserve the best possible fintech software. To ensure that’s what you get, we follow these phases:

    Maintenance and support
    1. 01


      Our team works with stakeholders to understand their needs and determine the software project’s requirements in detail.
    2. 02


      Our experts create the software architecture and user interface in line with the established requirements.
    3. 03


      Developers write the code based on the prepared design specifications and requirements.
    4. 04

      Quality assurance

      Our team thoroughly tests the code to identify and fix any extant bugs or issues.
    5. 05


      Software that passes our rigorous tests is deployed to the production environment and made accessible to end-users.
    6. 06

      Maintenance and support

      Our team will ensure your software receives the ongoing maintenance, updates, and support it requires to continue functioning correctly and efficiently.

    Our clients say

    Tech stack

    Our fintech development team leverages advanced technologies to create reliable software that reflects your business character.

    • Kubernetes
    • Docker
    • Amazon ECS
    • Terraform
    • Ansible
    • GitHub
    • Jenkins
    • Git
    • GitLab
    • Bitbucket
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Elastic search
    • Redis
    • Firebase
    • SQLite
    • Realm
    • CoreData

    F.A.Q. about fintech app development

    • Fintech app development is the process of creating custom mobile, web, or desktop software for financial institutions. The software streamlines and modernizes their offerings and services.

    • Although each fintech app is unique and has its own set of functionalities, several essential features must be present in every fintech solution: usability, security, third-party integration, customer support, digital payments, language options, and account management.

    • The development timeline depends on a combination of factors, including complexity, desired features, and type of services. For example, upgrading your existing fintech software with new functionalities might take less time than building a solution from scratch. However, some legacy apps require time-consuming code refactoring. If you would like a precise estimate of project duration, please get in touch with us. Our experts will consider all the relevant variables and give you a complete picture of the timeframe.

    • Whether to choose native or cross-platform fintech app development depends on a variety of factors, including target audience, budget, development timeline, and your fintech software’s specific requirements.

      On the one hand, since native fintech apps are optimized for a specific platform, they usually offer better performance, responsiveness, security, and user experience. However, the need for separate development teams makes them more expensive and time-consuming than cross-platform apps.

      On the other hand, cross-platform fintech development allows for hiring one team of engineers to write a single codebase for different operating systems and platforms. Having a single codebase makes the app easier to maintain and update.

    • While developing a fintech app, our guiding rule is “data security first and foremost.” We incorporate security into every piece of an app’s architecture and employ proactive safety measures, such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, secure APIs, regulatory compliance, and penetration testing.


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