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Are you struggling to turn complex data into meaningful insights? Tired of boring and confusing dashboards? Our data visualization consulting experts can help you tell the stories hidden in your data. With years of experience in providing data visualization services, our high-quality solutions turn everyone into a data-driven decision maker.

data visualization consulting services

Data visualization use cases

  • Healthcare
    In the healthcare domain, data visualization can be used to transform complex medical stats like patient data, treatment outcomes, patterns for prescribing medications, etc. into an easy-to-digest graphic format. It helps make valuable decisions even without data analysis skills.
    healthcare data visualization
  • Trading
    The trading industry deals with large amounts of data, and data visualization helps traders make fast, informed financial decisions. With real-time visualization tools, traders can monitor stock prices, analyze financial trends, and quickly detect anomalies that affect their operations.
    Data visualization for trading and financial services
  • In the cybersecurity field, data visualization services can help monitor network traffic, detect vulnerabilities and spot anomalies that indicate a breach. With advanced visualization and analysis tools, cybersecurity professionals can quickly identify threats and improve incident response time while reducing security risks.
    cyber security data visualization
  • Retail
    Retail companies can use data visualization to analyze customer behavior, trends, and preferences, which can help retailers improve their services or store layouts. Visual analytics is a must for retailers to maintain and strengthen their position in the global market.
    retail data visualization
  • Using data visualization tools, the teams that monitor a company's manufacturing processes can quickly identify problem areas and take immediate corrective action by mobilizing the right people and making data-driven decisions. In addition, access to data visualization tools enables shortening the improvement cycle.
    data visualization in manufacturing
  • Logistics
    In the logistics industry, data visualization can be used to track transportation routes and monitor and optimize delivery schedules. Real-time dashboards can provide insights into inventory levels and product demand, which can help logistics companies reduce delivery costs and improve service quality.
    logistics data visualization
healthcare data visualization
Data visualization for trading and financial services
cyber security data visualization
retail data visualization
data visualization in manufacturing
logistics data visualization

What we do

Data visualization services we offer:

Data visualization methods

Visuals are never chosen at random. They tell a unique data story through the interpretation. Each type of visual corresponds exactly to the idea of the data being explained. Here is a brief overview of basic data visualization methods.

Data visualization tools

The most common data visualization tools are:

Data visualization process

The common steps involved in the data visualization process after data analysis has been performed include:

Data visualization process by our experts

6 steps of data visualization

Why EffectiveSoft

F.A.Q. for data visualization

  • Data visualization is the process of transforming complex data sets into clear, concise, and easily understandable visual representations.
  • You don't have to build data visualizations from scratch. You can quickly leverage a platform's capabilities to automate the reporting process and prepare data using the platform's data preparation tools. For small and mid-sized businesses, customizing a platform to fit your needs is usually easier and less expensive than building from scratch. Considering the limitations of the platform and the size and requirements of your business, we can help you choose the best solution.
  • As your organization grows, the amount of data it produces increases, making it difficult to find a platform that fully meets your business needs. With custom solutions, your enterprise can standardize its requirements and present complex data sets using advanced analytics and more sophisticated business logic. With our custom solutions, you can integrate new business processes and measure the results of their implementation in near real time.
  • The potential pitfalls of data visualization can hinder the effectiveness of the visual representation. Some of the challenges that can occur include:

    Utilizing the wrong visualization format. Applying the wrong format can result in confusion and misunderstanding. For example, using a spider chart when comparing only one characteristic can be unclear, while applying a line graph to compare multidimensional units can be overwhelming.

    Using the wrong type of data. It is essential to understand what type of data can be applied to your chosen data visualization tool. Choosing the wrong type of data can lead to inaccurate representations, causing misinterpretation of the data.

    Choosing inappropriate tooling. Selecting a vendor with the wrong capabilities or tools can lead to limitations on the amount of data that can be processed, the frequency of updates, and visualization capabilities.

    To avoid these pitfalls, it's crucial to work with a qualified data visualization specialist who can help navigate the complexities of the data and select the correct visualization format, data types, and tools.


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