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Back-End Development Services

As an industry leading back-end development company, EffectiveSoft offers comprehensive server-side services for building the business logic of software products. Backends comprise servers, applications, and databases and are responsible for data storage, processing, and management. Our experienced software engineers leverage diverse technologies and DevOps best practices to craft on-premises and cloud-based back-end systems that flawlessly run on various mobile, desktop, and web platforms.

backend development services

Our back-end development services

  • Mobile app back-end development

    Our team of expert developers has a wealth of expertise in engineering advanced back-end logic for native and cross-platform mobile apps. By leveraging efficient tools and cutting-edge technologies, we build scalable mobile apps with fault-tolerant back ends and a wide variety of features. The server-side solutions we deliver have the capacity to process thousands of requests per second, ensuring mobile devices receive information instantly for seamless and lightning-fast performance.

  • Web app back-end development

    At EffectiveSoft, we realize the importance of solid back ends for the efficiency of our clients’ web apps. Our professionals capitalize on modern technologies, comprehensive frameworks, and industry-proven best practices to create robust server-side architectures. We engineer back-end solutions that streamline data management for web apps, facilitate seamless performance regardless of heavy traffic loads, and bolster data security. If you need back-end systems for complex web apps, EffectiveSoft has you covered.

  • Cloud back-end solutions

    Our developers have extensive experience crafting secure cloud-based back-end solutions capable of efficiently handling substantial traffic loads, processing large volumes of data, and scaling up and down with no performance issues. In addition to developing bespoke cloud-based back-end systems tailored to unique business requirements, we integrate existing apps with cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), migrate on-premises legacy backends to the public, private, and hybrid cloud, and implement security measures to protect sensitive data from cyberattacks. With our efficient cloud server-side solutions, businesses enjoy maximum flexibility and scalability.

  • EffectiveSoft provides exceptional back-end application programming interface (API) development and integration services. Our back-end software engineers build highly scalable and secure APIs from the ground up to ensure seamless interaction between core components of software systems and facilitate their integration with third-party services, devices, and business applications. From design modeling to deployment and control, EffectiveSoft’s team builds and delivers high-quality APIs for the web and mobile, empowering businesses to optimize workflows and increase efficiency.

  • Improving the quality of current back-end codes is significantly facilitated with EffectiveSoft. Our team of skilled developers has extensive experience in back-end code restructuring, or refactoring, ensuring back-end changes do not affect front-end functionality. We help businesses enhance their software quality by analyzing codebases, identifying performance bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities, and implementing the necessary changes to address any issues. Once we have refactored the back-end code, we perform extensive testing to ensure the app functionality remains intact and deploy the app to the production environment so end users can access it.

  • As a forward-thinking back-end development company, EffectiveSoft supports its clients in post-launch back-end maintenance to keep apps up and running and reduce downtime for business operations. Our specialists generate customized back-end maintenance plans that include monitoring apps for issues, eliminating errors, and upgrading app components to improve functionality and add new features. We also adapt our clients’ apps to meet evolving business requirements and take necessary security measures to protect software from data breaches and malware, ensuring optimal performance and maximizing long-term business success.

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    Why choose EffectiveSoft

    Our back-end development process

    1. Analyzing project requirements

      We begin by gathering project requirements and defining business goals, ensuring that they align with the expectations of business stakeholders. Once we have all the necessary information, we perform a thorough analysis.

    2. Getting an estimate

      Our specialists create a detailed project roadmap, mapping out tasks, milestones, and deliverables. Then they provide estimates for the time, budget, and resources required to ensure successful project execution.

    3. Choosing a hiring model

      Business stakeholders select a suitable engagement model based on project specifications and business objectives. We offer dedicated team and staff augmentation cooperation approaches to cater to our clients’ diverse development needs.

    4. Hiring and development

      After suitable candidates have been handpicked, they begin the software development process, including building the architecture, designing a database schema, developing APIs, and implementing back-end logic.

    5. Delivery and maintenance

      Once the solution is ready, our quality assurance (QA) team conducts functional testing to identify and eliminate mistakes. We then deliver the software to our clients and provide post-production maintenance to further enhance its performance.

    Our back-end tech stack

    • Azure Service Bus
    • RabbitMQ
    • Kafka
    • AWS SNS
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • ClickHouse
    • Cassandra
    • Redis
    • MSSQL

    F.A.Q about back-end development

    • The backend of the software handles the app’s business logic, database management, and security. It plays an integral role in communicating with the front end and ensuring smooth app functionality.

    • Application development involves three primary components. The backend acts as an intermediary between the client-side and an application. It processes client requests, routes them to a required service or application, and sends the received responses back to the client. The database stores, organizes, and retrieves the data required to handle incoming requests. Fast access to data regardless of the volume is imperative when building a database. The frontend handles business logic, performs tasks related to computational operations or data processing, and receives requests from the server. It also manipulates data retrieved from data storage, performs necessary operations, and sends the response to the server for further delivery to the client.

    • The top programming languages employed for efficient back-end development include Golang, JavaScript in combination with Node.js, .NET, Java, Python, and C/C++.

    • As a top-notch back-end app development company, EffectiveSoft knows that an app’s functionality and performance depend on the right back-end technologies. When choosing server-side technologies, it is crucial to select tools that offer high levels of speed, reliability, and scalability and are tailor-made for your product requirements.

    • Back-end development is beneficial in many ways: it expedites the development process, reduces time-to-market, enables seamless app performance, elevates UX, and enhances security.


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